Our Mission  



1) Is to provide the Jordanian market with high quality and competitively priced products of weapons, ammunitions, and any other “equipment/products” of similar defense purpose.

This market includes various Jordanian governments’ departments, including but not limited to, defense departments, the armed forces, and also the local vendors. In conclusion; our mission is essential for those departments to achieve their mission.

2) Doing our best to accomplish effective marketing and maximize sales for the companies and manufacturer we represent in Jordan and in the neighboring countries.


Tactics of Tactical Power
Presenting in defense trade shows in Jordan and the region.
Presenting information seminars to the appropriate defense procurement officers.
Entering military tenders on behalf of companies we represent.
Sampling and product trials.
Motivating sales force with compensation, bonuses and commission rates.


Competitive Advantages
Access to market data that can be used to help focus our partners’ direction in the Jordanian market and beyond
Experienced personnel: Our experienced veterans and retired high ranking army officers are always in touch and updated on industry news and military needs
Affiliation to government sponsored associations like ESARSV (Economic and Social Association of Retired Servicemen and Veterans).


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