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Manufacturer Representative


Ammunition & weapons tradingand manufacturer representative

Tactical Power, Target Co. & Tiger Co.

Tactical Power, Target & Tiger are companies specialized in the fields of :

  • Procuring weaponry
  • Ammunition security appliances

Both have been performing outstandingly in the Jordanian market in support of the Jordanian security apparatuses as both have the same activities and points of strengths, synergizing their activities will enhance the performance, accordingly the decision to merging both companies is the mean of diversifying and sharpening the focus of business and decreasing costs.



Target For Weapons and Ammunition Trading

Target For Weapons and

Ammunition Trading

Tiger Establishment for 

Weapons and Ammunition

Mission & Vision

Is to provide a high quality & excellence of procurement Services in terms of weapons, ammunition and defense appliances, for the local ,Regional & Gulf markets.

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Tactics of Tactical Power

Presenting in defense trade shows in Jordan and the region.

Presenting information seminars to the appropriate defense procurement officers.

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Competitive Advantages

Access to market data that can be used to help focus our partners’ direction in the Jordanian market and beyond. 

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